Dear Pierluigi, Receive cordial greetings from KCCB – Catholic Health Commission of Kenya. This is to express interest to partner with you to provide receive treatment doses and treat children infested with jiggers in Catholic health facilities in the counties READ MORE

Battling Jiggers in Western Kenya

It is thought that the jigger parasite (meaning sand flea) or the Tunga pentrans originated from Central and South America and was inadvertently brought by humans to sub-Saharan Africa. Its symptoms include severe inflammation, ulceration and itching, but if ignored READ MORE

Effects of Jigger infestation

• High rate of school dropout and poor performance • Unable to exercise democratic rights, e.g. Voting • Inability to walk easily due to pain in the affected areas • Inability to carry out normal day to day activities like READ MORE

Tunga penetrans (chigoe flea or jigger) Part One

Tunga penetrans (chigoe flea or jigger) is a parasitic insect found in most tropical and sub-tropical climates. It is native to Central and South America, and has been inadvertently introduced by humans to sub-Saharan Africa. Synonyms for Tunga penetrans include READ MORE