BEDBUGS  are bugs which stick to the people and suck the blood. These insects have spread in a worried manner everywhere in Africa. In Kenya they infest the local matatu (local bus) , schools, hospitals and the huts in the villages in the forest. The Government of Kenya is trying  cyclicity to eradicate with pesticides  but it is a temporary solution. In cases where pesticides were sprayed, the insects disappeared  for about a month but they later COME BACK and during the night nobody gets to sleep because they stick on the people and suck…. During the day , the insects rest and stay hidden only to come out at sundown from the cracks in the walls of the huts and houses, and find there way even in the beds and start to suck the blood from the people.It has been very difficult to find an efficacious method for disinfection but thanks to the help of specialists of  officinal plants and experimenting a simple mode of application, we managed to obtain a preparation which is giving effective results in defeating this phenomenon. 

The last tests in the villages  have given us satisfaction: the bedbugs in these  tested areas have been eliminated and after 10 weeks they have not come back. Although the problem of bedbugs looks of secondary importance , we must ponder on the fact that entire villages remain awake during the night because of these maddening and dangerous insects to the health of adults and children. 

Therefore it is important to give relief to the population which does not have the means to defeat these infestant insects.