Jiggers are perforating parasites which develop mainly in environments and conditions  of poor hygiene. Feet and hands of the adults and also of the children are the parts where the contamination is more frequent , but it may happen even on other parts of the body. If the treatment is not immediate , the infection can develop in a severe way to provoke malformations and in extreme and irremediable cases , amputation may be required.

In Kenya and also other African countries , the whole schools are closed because of these terrible parasites. The rural  villages have the same problem.  It has been calculated that in Kenya the affected persons might be about 2.300.000. After two years of continuous research , with the cooperation of doctors and herbalists, we have developed  a treatment and cure which allows  to solve the problem with a special application in just  3 days. Up to date 100 people in the area of Malindi County have been tested and have had 100% full recovery without any contra-indication or side effect on either of the patients. Thanks to the cooperation of the competent Government Authorities and the University of Kilifi , we are registering the medicinal preparation called “BIMBINAFRICA JIGGERS” and we are organizing the widespread distribution through dispensaries scattered in the territory which will manage the diffusion of the product and the know-how of the application.